Welcome to GymRoom, a self-service private gym.

What our clients are saying

Gabča, Client

I give GymRoom a thumbs up not only for its great location, but also for the equipment that allows me to have a quality workout. This concept of a private gym suits me because I like peace and enough space for myself. So I can only recommend it!

Veronika, Pole dance trainer
Pole dance trainer

This gym is really something else! The opportunity to exercise with a friend or bring your own trainer is a great opportunity. The private environment provides a unique exercise experience. I feel at home here, and because I don't have to share the space with anyone else, it's the ideal place for me to exercise.

Saša, Client

Great gym for people who don't want to be disturbed while exercising. In GymRoom you will find everything you need for training, including airbik, which was a very pleasant surprise for me. I'm definitely not here for the last time

How to?



In the reservation calendar choose a free date with blocks every 15 minutes that suits you. For optimal use of the reservation, it is mandatory to select at least 2 blocks, but you can also choose more if you need more time to exercise. Fill in the required information and after confirming the reservation, simply pay by card.



At the latest an hour before the start, you will receive an email with a unique code. You will enter this code on a reader that will allow you to enter the gym.



The whole space is yours! Enjoy a fully equipped gym alone or invite a friend, trainer or client. We take care of regular maintenance, but please be considerate of others who arrive after you.



After the reserved time has elapsed, please ensure that the space is ready for the next visitors and take all your belongings with you and leave the gym on time. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Discover a new dimension of fitness

Welcome to GymRoom, a unique self-service fitness center - Prague Nusle.
Enjoy exercising alone, with a friend, or a personal trainer.

We offer you not only peace and privacy for your workouts but also guarantee a high standard of cleanliness.
Book our space today!

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